Writing scores to standard output

OMDE/pmask users operating in GUI-based system will find this section of little or no interest.

Linux user or in general people using OMDE/pmask in console-based environments, may want to write the resulting numeric scores directly to the standard output.

This is done using the stdout object from the omde.csound module. You may want to re-write the trivial cloud example this way:

import pmask
from omde.csound import stdout

score = pmask.cloud(0, 10, 1, 1.0, 0.4, 60, 261)


Supposing you called this script and its relate orchestra respectively trivialcloud.py and trivialcloud.orc, you will be able to write things like

trivialcloud.py | csound -d -o devaudio trivialcloud.orc /dev/stdin