Pushing pmask beyond CMask

If you want to use OMDE/pmask you are probably interested in the content of the omde.pmask module and in particular in the cloud() function in this module.

In fact the cloud() function toghether with OMDE's functions and generators can be used to replace the Cmask program in generating clouds. OMDE's clouds re what Cmask names «fields».

But with OMDE/pmask you can the same algorithm to generate not only Csound score events but also more complex events.

The full syntax for cloud() is

cloud(begin, global_duration, CTOR, dt, duration, ...)

This function call return a cloud of events as an Aggregate.

The first two arguments are the begin time and the global (total) duration of the cloud as a whole.


Here is a first difference between OMDE/pmask and Cmask: for reasons of coherence a cloud's temporal extention is defined by the start time and the duration instead of the start time and the end time as Cmask fields.

The third parameter is the class name of the event or the name of an event (or more often Aggregate) factory.

The fourth parameter is the time interval between two successive events.

The fifth parameter is the event duration.